Creativity is a word people associate with musicians, artists & filmmakers…

Most people just think they’re just not creative, and this is simply not the case.

Yes, some people are naturally more creative than others, but we all have some creativity which we could hone, to make us perform better in our specialism.

I can’t sing or play any instrument well. But as a business leader and entrepreneur I must find solutions to everyday problems and design new services, which requires creativity.

Photographer and author of two best-selling photography-based books, Marc Silber, believes most people can benefit greatly by finding and engaging with their creative self.

He’s so passionate about the subject he wrote a 3rd book (Create) purely to help people find their creativity and show how it can help them in their work and everyday lives.

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Silber set out to pick the minds of masters in their field – including top business leaders, Emmy winners, painters, and entrepreneurs – to find out how creativity inspires them.

‘Create’ is not a book about art, it’s a guide for personal growth with creativity at its core.

‘Creativity’ gets a thumbs up and 4 stars.

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