‘Wolf’s Blood’ by E. L. Johnson – Fantasy Book Review – Friday Dream Show – Episode 214.

The moon is out as The Bottled Imp takes a comprehensive check out ‘Wolf’s Blood’ by E. L. Johnson. This is Book 1 of The Witch Hunter Tales as well as was very first published by Azure Spider in 2019.

This is E. L. Johnson’s debut fantasy novel and also is additionally Book 1 in The Witch Hunter Tales. Guides can be reviewed in turn or as stand alone novels. Since this testimonial, only the very first publication has actually been released.

I need to state a rate of interest right here. The writer attends my regional writers’ team! Certainly I’m pleased she has actually procured a posting deal as well as have her novel released however I’ve been as unbiased as I can be when analysis as well as reviewing guide.

I do remember, throughout the years, Erin reading out components of ‘Wolf’s Blood’ as well as being excited by her resolution to finish it as well as additionally do copious amounts of re-writes in order to boost it. So it is with terrific statifaction that ‘Wolf’s Blood’ has made it out of the slush heap and also right into the bookshops.

The tale focuses on Harold Eastman, who is a witch hunter, worked with by the church to seek experts of the evil one. Like those he pursues, Harold has a secret he’s determined to hide. Entrusted with finding the reason behind a young boy’s bewitched participant, Harold is enticed to a silent Hertfordshire town. Harold and also his companions find that mischief is afoot, and also the stories of witchcraft as well as devilry might not be rumours besides …

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