‘Wyrd Sisters’– Book Review – Friday Fantasy Show– Episode 199.

The Bottled Imp continues our exploration of the Discworld universe with the ‘Wyrd Sisters’ created by Sir Terry Pratchett. Initial released in 1987.

I was around 15 or 16 when I first checked out ‘The Colour of Magic’, publication 1 of the Discworld series. By then a number of books in the Discworld collection were released so I soon devoured the rest of them. I stopped reading them and lost touch with the entire goings on in the Pratchett universe.

‘ Wyrd Sisters’ is the sixth story in the series as well as discovers the nature of witches, how worthless Dukes and Duchesses can be, as well as the thorny problem of who should rule the land. ‘Wyrd Sisters’ sees the return of Granny Weatherwax, a powerful witch whom pretty much everybody is frightened of. Joining her is Nanny Ogg, owner of the most bad feline in the world, and also Margrat Garlick, a junior witch that believes in occult jewellery, covens, and bubbling cauldrons.

The initial book in the Discworld series, ‘The Colour of Magic’, has a straight follow up, ‘The Light Fantastic’. As for I recognize (not review them all yet!) all the various other stories are stand alone. The property of all the Discworld stories is as complies with. A planet-sized flat disc finished area on the backs of 4 big elephants– Berilia, Tubul, Great T’Phon as well as Jerakeen– that themselves stand on the shell of Great A’Tuin, an enormous sea turtle. The surface of the disc consists of continents as well as seas, as well as with them, civilisations, cities, woodlands as well as hills.

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