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Today it’s time to review ‘Tribes’. Written by best-selling author & marketing guru Seth Godin…

I first read this book when it was first published in 2008. But do you know what? It’s more relevant today & is certainly a book written before it’s time.

What with the explosion of Social Media, the move away from traditional marketing & the way business development is changing through networking groups & referral programs.

In the book, Seth talks about becoming a leader and creating your own personal tribe. And not just people who like your Facebook page or connect with you on LinkedIn.

He means creating & leading a group of followers who have belief in what you are doing & what drives you. Who buy into your ideas & philosophy. Because you help them in some way.

It might be that you make them feel better about themselves, you educate them, you provide solutions to their problems or they simply believe in the cause & are willing to help you achieve it.

Seth says. Anybody can become a leader & create their own tribe.
You don’t need to own a business, be a director or even be famous.

You might be a manager, supervisor or just a team member. But if you have a cause that people believe in, you can create your own tribe, who’ll help you achieve it.

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Tribes don’t have to be massive. Your cause will determine how big your tribe needs to be.

If you’re in business development, you might have a tribe of fellow networkers of 50 or so people. Who are driven to help each other achieve their targets.

Or you could be a business with a few hundred customers. But they all believe in your approach & they help fuel your growth, whilst also inviting other tribe members to join in too.

If you have a passion for what you want to do & the drive to make it happen. Get yourself a copy of this book & build yourself a tribe of like-minded people to help you achieve it.

‘Tribes’ gets a thumbs up and a 5-star rating from me.

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