Part 2 of my teen/YA horror bookshelf tour is here! Last week, I showed my collection of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series (just in time for Netflix’s 2021 Fear Street trilogy coming this summer), so now I am continuing on with my vintage YA horror bookshelves and showcasing my Christopher Pike books, Point Horror, L.J. Smith, Richie Tankersley Cusick, Nightmare Hall series, and more! These Paperbacks from Hell teen horrors were my favorites during my ’90s childhood, right beside Goosebumps, so I’m happy to share my collection with you in preparation for Mike Flanagan’s upcoming The Midnight Club series for Netflix and HBO Max’s Point Fear series. So excited!

I will be posting one more part of my vintage YA horror book collection next week, so stay tuned! And if you are new here and you would like to see more of my private home library, subscribe for weekly videos and check out my library tour playlist on my channel. Enjoy, and happy (spooky) reading!


0:00 Intro & Stine books
1:44 Christopher Pike
4:25 Richie Tankersley Cusick
5:06 John Peel
5:39 L.J. Smith
7:29 US Point Horror
15:21 Nightmare Hall series
18:18 UK Point Horror
22:13 Thank You!

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Hi creeps! My name is Cameron Chaney. I am a horror author (see links above for info on my books) and I am also the host of Library Macabre, a BookTube channel focusing on horror, both vintage and new, indie and mainstream. Don’t care for horror? No worries! I feature other literary genres on my channel as well. I just love books! You might even see an occasional video about horror films. If it’s spooky, I’m here for it. 🙂

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