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Shadows of Duat:
Egypt, 1923. A young archaeologist discovers the gigantic tomb of an unnamed pharaoh. As she and her team descend into the tomb, it seems to come alive and closes completely, plunging them into darkness. Pharaoh has awakened from his eternal sleep, as well as his armies who impatiently await his orders. Based on Book of Gates.

There are 4 main characters that you can embody: the Archaeologist, the Engineer, the Mercenary and the Sage. Each one has their own unique abilities and will allow you to experience the story from a different point of view.

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In the darkness of the tomb, you must be alert to every sound, every mural or statue, which will give you clues about the dangers lurking around every corner. The tomb is alive and sometimes the same corridor can lead to different places with new threats, so the tension is constant. The scary thing is not being alone in the dark. It’s not being alone in the dark.

The puzzles will be a recurring mechanic and the keys to solving them are in the details. Your observation capacity and your ingenuity will be rewarded. But often to fail can mean suffering a fateful fate. Play your way.

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