With each week that passes we inch a little closer to reconstitution day for The Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF or SCHD.
What is Reconstitution Day you ask? Well Today I’m going to tell you! I’ll Share what the process looks like each year, the overall SCHD strategy and how last year’s newest additions to the ETF have performed for shareholders.

But to get to all the good stuff, we first need to define what reconstitution actually is. Simply stated Reconstitution is like a Financial Tune-Up for the ETF. If you were to review all your holdings and compare them to a specific set of standards, you’d remove the underperformers, and add new ones to make sure your money and investments were working effectively to meet your financial goals.

Summary Prospectus: http://connect.rightprospectus.com/Sc…
Schwab Website: https://www.schwabassetmanagement.com…

Time Stamps:
0:00 – 0:29: Reconstitution Day
0:30 – 1:08: Reconstitution Defined
1:09 – 2:17: Reconstitution Process, criteria for inclusion in SCHD
2:18 – 2:54: Goal of SCHD
2:55 – 3:17: Investor Goals of SCHD
3:18 – 3:28: Expense ratio of SCHD & SCHD Holdings
3:29 – 3:59: But wait there’s more!
4:00 – 4:33: Top 10 Holdings of SCHD
4:34 – 5:13: 2023 SCHD Performance: New Additions
5:14 – 6:02: 25 additions to SCHD in 2023
6:03 – 6:12: Total Return
6:13 – 6:37: SCHD Sector Diversification
6:38 – 7:05: Which companies will be added to SCHD in 2024 and which will be removed?


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All stock opinions and research are for Informational and Educational Purposes only and are based solely on my opinions. Each investor should perform their own due diligence before investing in any stock.

I am not a financial advisor, just a Hopeful Investor working toward Prosperity in all the things. This isn’t advice, so if you need advice, a Financial Advisor might be advisable. 😉

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Stay hopeful and Be Well!

The Hopeful Investor
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