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hello. this month i made the mistake of reading four of the most popular mafia romance books on tiktok. i miss the person i used to be.

🍓s o c i a l s
• you might recognize me from tiktok:
• hot girls also follow me on goodreads:
• saucy instagram:

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⏰ t i m e s t a m p s
introduction: 0:00
brutal prince 1: 1:31
nordvpn partnership: 3:48
brutal prince 2 (the return): 5:34
den of vipers: 12:10
bound by honor: 30:48
the predator: 37:27

👒 f a q
• i film using a fujifilm X-S10 and edit with premiere pro.
• i am 23 and currently live in wisconsin.
• no i do not have a patreon or a book club but i will one day! potentially one day SOON

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