A Hands-On Course in Sensors Using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

September 24, 2018

Author : Volker Ziemann

Language : English

Ebook Format : PDF

Description : A Hands-On Course in Sensors using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi is the first book to give a practical and wide-ranging account of how to interface sensors and actuators with micro-controllers, Raspberry Pi and other control systems. The author describes the progression of raw signals through conditioning stages, digitization, data storage and presentation.

The collection, processing, and understanding of sensor data plays a central role in industrial and scientific activities. This book builds simplified models of large industrial or scientific installations that contain hardware and other building blocks, including services for databases, web servers, control systems, and messaging brokers. A range of case studies are included within the book, including a weather station, geophones, a water-colour monitor, capacitance measurement, the profile of laser beam, and a remote-controlled and fire-seeking robot

This book is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking hands-on laboratory courses in physics and engineering. Hobbyists in robotics clubs and other enthusiasts will also find this book of interest.


  • Covers the latest software and hardware
  • Includes practical, hands-on exercises that can be conducted in student labs, or even at home
  • All steps are illustrated with practical examples and case studies to enhance learning
  • Code featured in examples is discussed in detail
  • Provides guidelines to presenting seminars and writing reports

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