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September 15, 2019

“All of the Vibrant Places” by Jennifer Niven. 60second The Review by Jenny Sawyer. http://goo.gl/Hp5Ie5

Illness—and, more and more, mental illness—is a well known subject for YA novels nowadays. Why is this so? Melodrama sells. Really, I am not being cynical I’m just stating a well known fact.

Here’s something else: Normally, I Personally Don’t Like titles like All of the Vibrant Places. I do not like being setup for heartbreak and devastation. And That I especially don’t like tales contributing me lower the twisted, shadowy road to mental illness, because I’m a wimp and, typically, I do not prosper with upsetting subject material.

So while it might be inaccurate to state that “All of the Vibrant Places” completely won me over—I could never, ever look at this book again—I will state that for me personally, it was another type of illness book.

Could it have been disturbing? Yes. Did I cry? Buckets. What made it readable—and recommend-able—was that Jennifer Niven’s story didn’t for just one moment feel exploitative. It didn’t seem like she was drawing me in to these characters’ problems simply to toy with my feelings. Rather, Purple and Finch came alive within the pages of the book. They believed like real people coping with real issues. Difficult, heartbreaking issues, to be certain. But problems that teens are facing, and that should be worked with freely, honestly, and sensitively. Which Niven does incredibly well.

“All of the Vibrant Places” is indeed a beautiful book that’s worth studying. More to the point, it’s one worth putting at the disposal of teens who are planning on how you can help—or simply understand—other teens battling using the burden of mental illness.


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In “All the Vibrant Places” by Jennifer Niven, Purple is troubled by her sister’s dying. Finch is troubled by the idea of remaining alive. When Finch and Purple meet within their school’s bell tower—each with plans of the deadly jump—these two teens are thrust right into a friendship that ultimately changes them both…at least temporarily.

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