B The Trader | Trading In The Zone: Mark Douglas Book Review Chapter 1

October 1, 2020

Tips, Summary, & More of Notable Trading & Investing books.
Book reviews by B The Trader or Alex Bustos takes you through his recollection of Chapter 1 of Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas

“Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude”
Mark Douglas begins the book by explaining the evolution of trading; how trading evolved from a fundamental strategy to technical analysis, and shift to mental analysis.

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Who is Alex Bustos or B the Trader?
Alex Bustos is the Founder of http://bthestory.net, and host of the popular show: “B The Trader”. An interview show that brings on top traders to help the listener find and improve their path to success. He discovered trading in 2016 but did not get serious about his trading game until 2018. That is when Alex made life-changing sacrifices like leaving his 6 figure job cold turkey three times to pursue trading. This decision has lead to finding his success, which has all been shared on B The Trader.

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