Back to Eden By J. Kloss – Medicinal Plant Book Review

February 6, 2020

Back to Eden by J. Kloss is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive books on medicinal plants and herbs but it does come with some drawbacks. In this review we discuss the good things about this book and the bad things about this book. We will also look through some of the sections in the book and discuss the contents inside. When looking at Back to Eden we notice it is very thick, about 900 pages thick. The majority of the book talks about herbs and plants for medicine and gives very detailed information on preparing wild medicine as well as specific recipes for various ailments. Some sections of Back to Eden are organized alphabetically which really helps you to find what you’re looking for. The book contains an index to the plants contained inside as well as a regular index in the back. Back to Eden also contains a glossary to old fashioned medical terms and modern medical terms for herbal medicine. This is helpful for comparing terms used in different books from different time periods.

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