“Becoming Your Own Banker”® — Book Review (Part 1): Banking

August 31, 2019

Within this video James Neathery and Ryan Griggs discuss Nelson Nash’s first book, “Becoming Your Personal Banker — Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept”®.

This really is the beginning of the five-part series where they’re going through “Becoming Your Personal Banker”™ and provide their commentary on all its’ various topics.

This the review is definitely meant to replace an intensive studying of “Becoming Your Personal Banker”™.

Click the link to look at parts 1-3 (BYOB The Review Playlist):

➟ https://world wide web.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx7wP15hxNHqNWkxHXhFKy6x11YEOmK_6

You can purchase it “Becoming Your Personal Banker”™ here:

➟ https://world wide web.bankingwithlife.com/exclusive-starter-package/

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To understand more about Ryan Griggs:

Visit ➟ https://world wide web.griggscapitalstrategies.com/


Click the link to look at a genuine infinite banking situation study:

➟ https://youtu.be/vM-PP9rpJro


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