Beloved of My Heart

June 30, 2019

Author: Osho (Rajneesh or Chandra Mohan Jain)

Publish: 1978

Page: 182 pages

Language: English

Format EBook: PDF
Review: “You have certain ideas about what should happen… expectations. And if life is not moving that way, something is wrong. Nothing is going wrong! Life is going on its own, on,!y you have some fixed ideas. So drop those fixed ideas. Life is never going to follow you… you have to follow life. So if it is muddled, be muddled. What can you do?”
― Osho, Beloved of My Heart: A Darshan Diary
Talks given from 3/5/76 to 28/5/76
1 The Other is never Responsible
2 Let Love be your Life-style
3 Life is in Movement
4 Become Part of my Family
5 Man has to Live in Yes
6 Self-Improvement is a Way to Hell
7 The First Door is Acceptance
8 If You Love Me, You are Caught!
9 I Give You a Capacity to Know
10 Don’t be Limited by Religion
11 Innocence is the Base of Spirituality
12 Love out of Freedom
13 The Religious Attitude is Alchemical
14 The Courage of a Madman is Needed
15 Life Should be a Passion
16 A Sannyasin has no Future
17 Put Yourself Aside
18 Love Yourself
19 Learn to Become a Void
20 Pain is a Great Awakener
21 Here and Now is not a Goal
22 The Ultimate Criterion is Your Heart
23 You are the Master
24 Love is the Best Drug
25 Simply Rejoice Because you Are
26 Celebrate Simplicity

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