Best Aquatic Plant I.D. Book? Christel Kasselmann’s English Edition Book Review: ” Aquarium Plants.”

September 23, 2020

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Aquarium Plants

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Seachem PRIME Dechlorinator…the thing all fish keepers need to detoxify ammonia spikes and tap water. At THE LOWEST PRICE Out there.

MY FAVORITE  Hang-off-the-side Fry Box / Fish Isolation or Fry / Shrimp Box. Has independent filtration, screens for hatching, conditioning and acclimating new fish. 22 for large or 10 for small

Clear Acrylic Fry & Small/Nano Fish Keeper

Digital TDS, Temperature, & EC resistance Pen all in one. Great for shrimp or cichlid Keepers!

Top Grade Brine Shrimp Eggs from Brine Shrimp Direct (Best Value By far!)

2 bags of the best shrimp and snail food out there!


Clear 3-Compartment, Adjustable Fry Keeper or Betta Breeding Pen/ Conditioner, Breeding Box

HOBBY Brand – Brine Shrimp Hatchery. (The easiest low/tech Hatchery in the world, no stinky mess, lasts 3 days per spoon full or eggs!) A must have & much less stinky way to spawn food for any Fishkeeper.

Fish Egg Hatchery. Air Powered, Cichlid, Catfish, Rainbow Fish + More : Egg Tumbler 29

Lee’s Scoop & Pour Specimen Container.
Perfect for moving aquatic livestock, for stunningly clear photography. Best price 14

Fluval Plant & Shrimp Soil  (mineral and ph buffer W/O Ammonia)

Caribsea Eco Complete Aquasoil –

Seachem (Inert) Flourite Stone/Gravel –

Brightwell – Volcanic Ash Flourin For Shrimp lower ph-

Eco complete Substrate-

Amazonia Aquasoil Light by ADA (7lbs for nano)-

Amazonia Aquasoil Light by ADA (22lbs biggest bag)-

API Liquid Master Water Test Kit 30% less than anywhere else! (ONLY $22.50!)
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Kh& Gh – API- Liquid Test Kit & MUST HAVE for Shrimp Tanks. This determines, calcium, carbon and general water hardness at the lowest price

Total Dissolved Solids, Electrical Conductivity, and Temperature Digital Testing Device – only $15! –

The Best Cost Effective Co2 Regulator –

CO2  Safe Pressure Friendly Air Line -

this is the best Diffuser under 200 Dollars
Fluval Ceramic Diffuser Stone (good up to 40 gallon tank) -

Fluval CO2 measuring liquid (turns color at optimal CO2 LVL –

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