September 19, 2020

“Gunning for the Godman” is a thrilling true story by Ajay Lamba, a senior police officer chasing and arresting Asaram, one of the most influential godmen of his times.

Like Corruption, sexploitation of vulnerable women and children has become a global phenomenon. In fact, there is a symbiotic relationship between corruption and sexploitation. Corruption in our moral values, professional ethics and governance open up spaces for all sorts of sins and crimes that corrupt the entire humanity. This vlog goes beyond the specifics of the book under review to inform the viewers about the extent of the menace especially in places we consider holy, whatever the religion.

The book, GUNING FOR THE GODMAN was released on 05 September, 2020, on and makes for a thrilling read. It also sparks an entire gamut of thoughts and questions.

Do watch until the end for some original insights into the sins and crimes by “holy” persons aka “Godmen” around the world, and how to stem this rot-in-hightide.

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