Book Review | A Family Affair by Sue Nyathi depicts Zimbabwe’s political and socio-economic history

November 9, 2020

If you loved Sue Nyathi’s The Polygamist and The Gold-diggers, well the wait is over for her highly anticipated third novel A Family Affair. The book is set in Bulawayo during a very tumultuous period in Zimbabwe’s political and socio-economic history books. In A Family Affair, Nyathi introduces us to what seems like a tight-knit Mafu family, consisting of the parents Abram and Pumla, as well as their three daughters Xoliswa, Yandisa and Zandile. From the outside world, they appear as a perfect Christian household, until they have to face family secret affairs that threaten to tear them apart. Well, to help us discuss this book further, we are joined on Zoom by its author, Sue Nyathi.

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