Book Review: Arms & Accoutrements of the Mounted Police 1873-1973

September 16, 2019

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The Royal North West Mounted Police (later merged using the Dominion Police to get the RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are a fascinating and frequently overlooked aspect of the western frontier. We Americans have a tendency to only consider that old West as much as northern Montana and Idaho, however things weren’t much different on the other hand from the border in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, and yet another western provinces. Beginning using their founding in 1873, police force in western Canada was the domain from the RNWMP, plus they used a fascinating combination of British Empire arms and American arms – Colts and Adams Winchesters and Sniders.

“Arms and Accoutrements from the Mounted Police, 1873-1973” covers the entire range or arms and accessories utilized by the Mounties. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, swords, lances, as well as artillery (yes, they’d some artillery). A great book for just about any Canadian collector, and very worthwhile throughout us too – a window right into a police agency we do not frequently consider.

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