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September 24, 2020

Book – Pokhran
Author – Uday Singh
Publication – Srishti
In the starting of the book, a brief description of Pokhran is given where the India’s first nuclear test has taken place. That mission was successful in the history of India. The story then moves to the main protagonist Chaitanya who was born a year after the nuclear testing. He was born with disabilities but because of his father he was able to do a lot of things in his life. Although his father was harsh to him most of the time and didn’t shower a lot of love to him but he gifted him the most precious things like mechanical arm and computer without which he might not be able to achieve such greater heights in his life. The story moves forward with the story of Chaitanya.
The story of the book is very engaging and written in very simple language. It includes love, fear, suspense, a little thrill, loss, care and many emotional twist and turns. I was so engaged that I finished this book in one go. The way of narration of story is the best thing that I loved about this book. The title of the book totally justify the story. I loved the book and will recommend to every reader.
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