Book Review: Carvings From the Veldt (3 Volumes)

August 11, 2019

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In the last 15 year, Dave C. George has compiled three volumes of his book “Carvings In the Veldt”, documenting nearly a 1000 created rifles in the Boer War. This really is feature almost unique towards the Boer War, where the Boers were really really a civilian militia than the usual formal standing army, and were likely to provide their very own weaponry. As private property and never Army issue, they frequently enjoyed embellishing the stocks of the rifles using their names, dates of battles, and jackets of arms or any other decoration. The practice spread towards the British Empire troops who fought against, as numerous were permitted to have their rifles in the finish from the war.

There’s a lot within the style and excellence of the job done on these guns (they’re mostly rifles, but Volume 2 and three start adding some handguns too), and George has produced an incredibly extensive catalog of these within this work. Additionally, he’s labored to check out the personal histories from the men that transported the guns. Some created only initials, and can’t be identified, but others provided enough information which George could provide some quite interesting personal histories from the war.

The 3 volumes can be found presently, with the author’s site. For that collector or historian thinking about Nigeria, the Boer War particularly, or even the British colonial period generally, I believe they’re a great set to possess!

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