Book Review | Critical but Stable by Angela Makholwa

November 16, 2020

If you enjoyed reading Angela Makholwa’s 2017 novel ‘The Blessed Girl,’ then you are in for another roller-coaster read in her new book titled “CRITICAL, BUT STABLE”. In this offering, Makholwa gives us a glimpse of what it really costs to maintain a lavish lifestyle and a perfect marriage appearance by letting us snoop into the lives of three glamorous couples. We get to follow the Manamelas, Jiyas and Msibis, who belong to an elite social club, called Khula Society and how they use success, wealth, luxury, extravagant parties, glitz and glamour to sugar-coat some of the truth behind their high walls and affluent lifestyles. Well, Angela Makholwa is joining us now on Zoom to tell us more about what this murder mystery is all about.

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