Book Review: FN49 – The Last Elegant Old World Military Rifle (New Edition)

November 2, 2019

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I’ve been impatiently waiting for the expanded second edition of Wayne Johnson’s “The FN-49: The Final Elegant Old-World Military Rifle” since I heard a rumor it had become within the works. The very first edition was printed in 2004, and offered out before I began searching for any copy. There is additionally a Collector Grade book around the FN-49, but there have been facets of the storyline that it doesn’t adequately cover. Well, Johnson’s new book is finally here, and it is an enormous expansion in the first version. Actually, the page count has greater than bending, to in excess of 450 pages and most a 1000 photographs.

It’s printed by Wet Dog Publications (Anthony Vanderlinden), and the knowledge about their own previous books on Mauser rifles and handguns reveals within the layout and editing of the work. It starts with some fundamental good reputation for FN as well as designer Dieudonné Saive for context, after which moves in to the developmental work made by FN on semiauto rifles within the years before World War Two. There’s a number of chapters on each one of the production contracts for that FN-49 (Argentine, Belgium, Belgian Congo, South america, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Luxembourg (as well as their Gendarmerie), and Venezuela. The 2nd area of the book then covers sniper versions, bayonets, manuals, accessories, and the like, together with detailed disassembly and operating instructions along with a thorough part-by-part introduction to the entire rifle.

Manley has been doing a fantastic job both researching a brief history from the FN-49 after which organizing his information right into a obvious and significant collector’s reference. Additionally towards the original factory good reputation for design and production, also, he discusses the rifles’ serve use and just how they arrived to the U . s . States. Including substantial info on such things as a lifetime Arms work assembling mixed plenty of parts into Egyptian-pattern rifles, and also the safety concerns for individuals who wish to shoot their FN-49 today.

In which the first edition would be a good companion towards the Collector Grade Publications book, this latest second edition completely eclipses it. If you’re able to have only one book around the FN-49, this really is certainly the main one to possess.

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