Book Review: Systeme Lefaucheux

August 18, 2019

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The pinfire system, as introduced by Casimir Lefaucheux and expanded by his boy Eugene, is among the most critical corners of cartridge firearms development that’s been completely overlooked by collectors and firearms enthusiasts. It was most likely probably the most prevalent and relevant cartridge before the standardization from the centerfire brass cartridge, but it’s generally ignored as cheap junk. It’s not easy responsible people an excessive amount of with this, though, as there’s precious little literature to assist illuminate a brief history and value of the lowly pinfire – with Chris Curtis’ book being the best choice bar none.

Curtis’ jobs are really just introducing the topic, since it is is really this type of broad subject to try to cover in a single book. Curtis will a good job condensing all of this information lower to around 300 pages, including chapters around the work of both Casimir and Eugene, European and American military utilization of pinfire arms, commercial pinfire lengthy guns and handguns, pinfire pepperbox pistols, pinfire oddities, pinfire cartridges and reloading, along with a chapter particularly for individuals searching to gather pinfire arms. That chapter on collecting includes several pages of proof marks available on these guns, that is frequently the only real reliable method to document their date and native land.

Anybody who wants to become well-rounded firearms historian could be overlooking a main issue with the topic if they didn’t have this book within their library, and Curtis will be commended for dedicating a lot effort to some subject so broadly overlooked and ignored. Cover cost is $44.95, but it’s more typically found for $50.

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