Book Review – The DOG MAN 🐶 Comic Book by Dav Pilkey ● How was DOGMAN Born?

October 22, 2020

This is the Book Review of – Book em Dogman from the Book #DOGMAN
The Author of this NY Times bestseller is Dav Pilkey.
This comedy Fiction book is published by Scholastic.
This #BookReview is done by Aditya Lohani.

Have you heard of the Character Dog Man?
A cop, an actual Man cop, with the head of a dog!
Here I talk about the origin of dog man character and also about one of the stories in the book.
The author of this fabulous and funny book is Dav Pilkey. Dog Man is a comic. Dav Pilkey is also the author of the book Captain Underpants.

In this story there is a cop named Officer Knight. Officer Knight had a faithful companion named Greg the Dog. Together they had solved many crimes. Officer Knight was quite a daft person but Greg was thinky and smart. There is another character in this book !!! PETEY THE CAT!!!

Petey was an evil cat. He had planted a bomb on the street. Greg and Knight ran to defuse the bomb. Officer knight asked greg “Which wire should I cut? Red or Green?” And Greg was growling like “grrrrr”. Knight thought he was suggesting the Green wire. And so,he cut it!
And guess what happened.. an explosion!

Both Greg and officer knight were taken to the hospital. The doctor told officer knight that his head was dying and Greg that his body was dying too. But then the nurse lady had a genius idea. She suggested that greg’s head should be sewed onto the cop’s body. Everyone congratulated her for being such a genius. After the celebration there was a big surgery.The dog’s head was cut off and sewed onto the cop’s body and thus
Now hear about one of the stories in this book… !!BOOK EM’DOG MAN!!

In this story Petey – the evil cat, decides to find out what makes Dog Man SO DARN SMART? So he sneaked off to Dog Man’s house and finds out that he is READING BOOKS. “so reading makes you smart” he wondered “so I must destroy all the books!!!”

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This is a very funny and interesting book…You’ll like this book if you like Dogs, enjoy Dumb stuff, Action and lot of laughs.
I also have a pet dog. I learnt these impressions by being with my dog zico. Did you know we actually talk to each other, but he’s mostly just asking for food…

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I will be rating this book 3.5/5
Thank you and Good Bye…For now.
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Narration and Act – Aditya Lohani
Script – Aditya Lohani
Book, DOG MAN.
Author of this NY Times Best seller, Comic Book is Dav Pilkey.
Published by Scholastic.

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