Book Review: The Ross Rifle Story

September 8, 2019

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“The Ross Rifle Story” may be the Bible of Ross rifle collecting – it’s the only substantial reference work about them and contains a significant quantity of details about the introduction of the Ross. However, it’s also among the worst-edited firearms reference books I know of. It features a second Table of Contents on-page 85 – need I only say in addition to that?

Well, I’ll. The pictures are black and white-colored and frequently darker and uneven or too light. Beyond it truly being two separate manuscripts printed consecutive, the business is actually missing. Finding information within the book may also be very hard, as the topic jumps around a great deal. The storyline from the Ross – especially separating the civilian and military development – is a nice complicated one, or even a well-edited book about them may well be a bit hard to parse. This book is actually bad at occasions.

However for everything, it *does* possess the information (with simply a couple of errors), and it is the only real book that does. If you are looking at the Ross, this can be a must-have book despite its problems.

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