Book Review: Undercover with Mandela’s Spies by Bradley Steyn

July 14, 2019

In South African history, the dramatic mid-day from the 15 November, 1988 is appreciated because the day that twenty-three year-old Barend Hendrik Strydom continued a shooting spree which left 8 dead and also over twelve hurt within the center of Pretoria. The Strijdom Square massacre was observed with a 17 years old school boy, Bradley Steyn, who had been travelling to meet his mother in the Condition Theatre. The big event, which left Steyn with Post traumatic stress disorder, is among the key occasions appreciated in the book: Undercover with Mandela’s Spies- the boy who entered the square.

Steyn was later employed through the subterranean ANC’s Department of Intelligence and Security however lives and works in California. He joins us to talk much more about his book.

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