Charles Tart – Six Studies of O.B.E

October 13, 2018

Author : Charles Tart

Language : English

Ebook Format : PDF

Description : Because of a pernicious confusion between science and scientism, many people react negatively to the idea of scientific investigation of NDEs, but genuine science can contribute a great deal to understanding NDEs and helping experiencers integrate their experiences with everyday life. After noting how genuine scientific investigation of certain parapsychological phenomena has established a wider world view that must take NDEs seriously, six studies of the authors’ of a basic component of the NDE, the out-of-body experience (OBE) are reviewed. Three of these studies found distinctive physiological correlates of OBEs in the two talented persons investigated, and one found strong evidence for veridical, paranormal perception of the OBE location. The studies using hypnosis to try to produce OBEs demonstrated the complexity of a simple model that a person’s mind is actually at an OBE location versus merely hallucinating being out, and require us to look at how even our perception of being in our bodies is actually a complex simulation, a biopsychological virtual reality.


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