Chatting with Lady C: Samantha Markle book review concludes as Shakespearean tragedy/farce

February 20, 2021

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In the hundred and seventh episode Lady Colin Campbell concludes reviewing Samantha Markle’s memoir ‘The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister’ covering such aspects as Meghan’s false memories about their Grandma Markle; confirming that Meghan’s claim in her renowned letter to their father that she barely knew Samantha is fanciful; touching upon Samantha’s suggestion to Meghan, once she started making good money in Suits, that she repay their father some of the fortune he spent on her education now that he had fallen upon hard times, only to be informed that there were too many cooks in that particular kitchen; how the family was left to flounder without help from the Palace or Meghan once news of her relationship with Harry broke; how she came to realise that Meghan, not the Palace or Palace protocol, was responsible; how the British tabloids boosted Meghan’s profile at the expense of the Markle family in the run-up to the marriage; how embarrassed and humiliated both the Markle and Ragland families were when they did not receive invitations to the wedding while several hundred strangers did; how Meghan played games with their father in the run-up to the wedding and, in Samantha’s book, seemed to set up the situation which resulted in Thomas Markle not attending the wedding; and how, if one half of what Samantha says is true and fair, Meghan comes across as a Shakespearean character right out of King Lear and Macbeth.




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