Dave Canterbury – Bushcraft 101 – Book Review

September 24, 2019

David Michael Canterbury is really a survival expert who co-appeared around the reality Television show Dual Survival for 2 seasons. He’s the brand new You are able to Occasions bestselling author of BUSHCRAFT 101, that was released in 2014.

Overall, my praises from the book could be it’s broad base of topics, with some highlights for example knot tying, shelter building, and firemaking, whereas other parts of it be less than perfect.

Generally it lacks detail, and useful illustrations in lots of caes. I discovered the conntacting be unclear, or vague in parts ex) identifying trees (4 page chapter without any illustrations), while excessively detailed in other people – for example selecting a backpack.

Overall, Used to do learn several things out of this book, but wouldn’t say I excessively enjoyed studying it.

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