Diabetes Unpacked – Just Science and Sense No Sugar Coating

September 26, 2018

Author : Prof Tim Noakes, Jason Fung MD, Nina Teicholz, Malcolm Kendrick MD, Zoë Harcombe PhD, Robert Cywes MD, Jeff Gerber MD, Ivor Cummins, David Unwin MD, Caryn Zinn PhD, Ian Lake MD, Neville Wellington MD, Jen Whitington, Mike Gibbs, Lars-Erik Litsfeldt

Language : English

Ebook Format : PDF

Description : Diabetes used to be rare and clear. One boy in the school had Type 1 and a friend of a friend’s granny had Type 2. We now see adults being diagnosed with Type 1 and children developing Type 2. There are over 400 million diabetics world-wide – four times as many as in 1980. The vast majority of these have Type 2 – sometimes judged as a ‘lifestyle’ disease. The traditional view of diabetes is that is it a “chronic and progressive” condition and that nothing can be done about it. Serious complications include loss of eyesight, amputations and death. This book has gathered together some of the finest minds working in the field of diabetes and diet. The result is a collection of chapters by thought leaders, academics and doctors addressing the big issues. What is diabetes? What are the different types? What causes it? Who gets it? Why do we eat so much carbohydrate? Why do diabetics die of heart disease? Why do athletes commonly get Type 2 diabetes? The writers in this book approach diabetes from many different angles, but they all share one common belief: Diabetes does not need to be “chronic and progressive.” Both Type 1 and Type 2 can be substantially alleviated and the latter can be ‘put into remission.’ Let us tell you how on this ebook….


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