Dominate JEE Book Review | Dominate JEE by @Nishant Jindal 2.0 [IIT Delhi] | Best book?

September 28, 2020

Dominate JEE : The Bible of JEE by Nishant Jindal
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In this video Daksh Khare has done a book review on ‘Dominate JEE : The Bible of JEE by Nishant Jindal’
This book is really extraordinary as no such book has ever been written before. It is highly recommended for all the Jee Aspirants.

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My name is Daksh, a student of class 11 science. I am currently preparing for the most competitive exam in India for entrance into engineering colleges. Well, you guessed it right, its ‘JEE’.

This channel is all about self-growth, my jee journey, vlogs, and fun. Hop in with me on my journey where I share all the knowledge, strategies, and tips and tricks that I have learned and still learning.

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