Encyclopedia of Architecture

August 13, 2018

Format Ebook : CHM

Author : Donald Langmead

Publish : 2001

Preview : This book is a good compilation of buildings and civil engineering projects throughout history. But, unless this book is the first thing you consult, you likely won’t learn very much. If it’s an explanation of the architectural design or engineering technology behind these buildings and projects, you will have to go elsewhere. The book concentrates more on the history rather than the design and construction methods used. Illustrations are black and white photos, and aren’t very numerous so they’re not much help either.

An architect once described the built environment as “the manifestation of the human spirit in stone, wood, and steel.” In this new volume, readers can explore the most innovative and magnificent architectural expressions of the human spirit, from pre-history to the present, from all parts of the world.

Readers can visit the Acropolis and Chartres cathedral, along with less familiar places like the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, once the greatest city in sub-Saharan Africa, and China’s 71 meter high, 1,200 year old Grand Buddha, carved from stone. They’ll learn the secrets behind audacious engineering feats like the Panama Canal, the U.S. interstate highway system, and the Deltaworks in the Netherlands. They will discover that many of these awe-inspiring projects were not the work of trained architects and engineers, but of “underdeveloped” communities, where unified will, tight social organization, and shared commitment to a spiritual ideal were more important than the inventions of the Industrial Age.

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