Essentialism by Greg Mckeown | Animated Book Review

February 16, 2020

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Essentialism (2014) is a mind-blowing book that focuses on helping the reader prioritize few vital issues from the trivial many. The author ventures into the how to accomplish goals through focus. Essentialism explains the necessity of prioritizing things in life, as well as the methods to do so.

Who should read this book:
– Readers interested in focus-related books
– People who struggle with prioritizing the things in their life
– Anyone who wants to learn how to become focused and eventually achieve success.

5 Lessons from ‘Essentialism’ by Greg Mckeown

1. Cut out all nonessentials
2. Let go of the 3 fallacies
3. Essentialist set tradeoffs
4. Don’t take on other people burdens
5. More time and effortless

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