Everything I Read In March. Poundland Book Review. Honest and open

April 8, 2021

my first book review, I hope you enjoy and please let me know you thoughts if you have read any of the books.
time stamps if you want to see a certain book are as follows

The Black Door by Velvet – 1:45

The Perfect Present by Karen Swan – 7:30

Summer with my sister by Lucy Diamond – 12:05

Free Food For Millionaires By Min Jim Lee – 15:07

Looking For Fireworks by Holly Cavendish – 19:07

The Infidelity Chain by Tess Stondon – 23:12

Revenant by Tristan Hughes – 27:58

The Foster Husband by Peppard Wright – 32:58

Amy & Matthew by Cammie McGrovern – 36:13

All books are from poundlamd xxx

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