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Kasha’s announcement video:

Books mentioned:
-White – Tim Lebbon
-Nights of the Living Dead – edited by Jonathan Maberry
-The Lost Village – Camilla Sten
-Secret Santa – Andrew Shaffer
-Harrow Lake – Kat Ellis
-Shutter – Courtney Alameda
-Fury From the Tomb – S.A. Sidor
-The Shadows – Alex North
-NOS4A2 – Joe Hill
-The Companion – Katie Alender

1-ENDLESS NIGHT (the all-nighter): read a horror book over 400 pages
2-AMONG THE MISSING (trust the wrong person): read a dark/horror thriller
3-BITE (beware of the vampire): read a book about vampires
4-QUAKE (brace yourselves): read a book that includes a natural disaster
5-ISLAND (holidays that turn deadly): read a book about a trip that ends bad
6-DREADFUL TALES (quick scared): read a couple of short horror stories
7-FLESH (deadly creatures): read a horror book with a creature
8-NO SANCTUARY (trapped): read a book of people trapped somewhere
9-FUNLAND (welcome to the party): read a horror book in a funpark or party
10-BLOOD GAMES (cabin on the woods): read a book with the trope ‘a group of friends’ go to place X and start dying

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No one is obligated to buy anything from this! Feel free to simply use it as a way to find exciting books for yourself (I’d recommend sorting by priority since there’s a ton of books on there).

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