Facebook Marketing An Hour A Day

September 29, 2018

Author : Chris Treadaway and Mari Smith

Language : English

Ebook Format : PDF

Description : Facebook Marketing An Hour A Day -Develop, Implement, and Measure a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

The social networking site Facebook boasts more than 300 million users worldwide. Its ability to target users who have provided real data about themselves and their interests makes Facebook the ideal platform for marketers, and marketers everywhere recognize the importance of Facebook and are eager to successfully tap Facebook’s potential. This book shows you how.

Quickly get up to speed on today’s Facebook conventions and demographics, and then gain an understanding of the various strategic and implementation issues you must consider from start to finish.

Guides you through crafting a successful presence on Facebook and takes you through each step for developing an overall marketing strategy
Explains each step for setting realistic goals, defining metrics, developing reports, and acquiring corporate buy-in
Shows how to execute your strategy while incorporating all of Facebook’s relevant features
Addresses Facebook’s pay-per-click platform, Facebook Connect, and more

Packed with tips and tactics not documented anywhere else, the book serves as the ultimate step-by-step guide to developing a winning Facebook marketing campaign.

Table Of Content

  • Chapter 1 Internet Marketing 1985–2010
  • Chapter 2 What Is Facebook ?
  • Chapter 3 Develop a Facebook Strategy and Measure Success
  • Chapter 4 Month 1: Create the Plan and Get Started
  • Chapter 5 Month 2: Establish Corporate Presence with Pages and Groups
  • Chapter 6 Month 3: Create Demand with Facebook Ads
  • Chapter 7 Month 4: Advanced Tactics and Campaign Integration
  • Chapter 8 Customized Experiences via Facebook Applications
  • Chapter 9 The Analytics of Facebook
  • Chapter 10 Organizational Considerations
  • Some Final Tips on Facebook for B2B Marketing
  • Companion Website
  • Other Reading Material
  • Social Media Tools You Can Use

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