Factfulness by Hans, Ola and Anna Rosling | One Minute Book Review

September 20, 2020

Sometimes you read a book and it changes your perspective this is one of those books. 📚

Too often we become entrenched in ways of thinking that have little or no substantial data to back them up. Whether you’re a subject matter expert or not, sometimes we can become so bogged down in the weeds we forget to look up every once in a while. 🤷‍♂️

This books addresses why this is the case. It doesn’t place blames an individuals and systems, but explains that there are instincts within all of us regardless of our relative intelligence that makes us blind to seeing the big picture of what is actually going on. 📚

I couldn’t recommend this book more highly to anyone who is looking for an interesting assessment of human psychology as well as learning a lot about how our world is progressing! 📚🙏

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