Flower Colour Guide by Darroch and Michael Putnam | Book Review

September 25, 2019


Hi Everybody, as guaranteed this is actually the the review with this gorgeous little flower colour ‘bible’! 🙂 Darroch and Michael Putnam have showcased 400 flowers using their stunning bouquet and photography. This book is really a true eye-chocolate! 🙂

Creating Summer time 2019 Watercolour Palette Process https://youtu.be/S0bLB0SZTzk

Completed Summer time 2019 Watercolour Palette Process https://youtu.be/-DqnrpI7lcQ


My Face Watercolour Palette [18 colour list]: https://youtu.be/ul2Qn1nbUiM

My Chocolate Box Watercolour Palette [15 colour list]: https://youtu.be/TnW8c_1Q2lc

Alyona x

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