Mixbook Full Range Photo Book Review + 30% OFF

October 26, 2019

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This is actually the first episode of my new series “Brand Overviews” where I showcase every single product of the photo company, in the current video, it’s the best: Mixbook (including Mosaic and Montage). Make use of the code PBGURU30 to obtain 30% off any photo book on http://bit.ly/2Aohj6X

If you wish to see a detailed overview of the books pointed out here:

Hardcover The Review:

Lay Flat The Review:

Mosaic Review:

Montage Review:

For additional close-up pics on quality take a look at my blog:


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Disclaimer: This isn’t a backed video. I compensated for a few of these books and a number of them were delivered to me free of charge to acquire my honest opinion.  My views weren’t affected by the organization

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