Mooncallers: Stars Wake by Leda C Muir ★ (Spoiler-Free) Book Review | Zarriah Rose

October 1, 2019

Let us talk about all of the benefits and drawbacks, opinions and review (spoiler free, so safe for anybody who has not see clearly!) of Mooncallers: Stars Wake compiled by youtuber Leda Muir! 🙂

Here’s the summary:

A starry-eyed lady awakens without her recollections within the town of Tel Ashir. Getting room to reside in, she joins the Mooncallers, the military of Tzapodia, and fights in the specific Moon Goddess Oscerin. Annually later, she and her mentor, Avari, stumble across a massacre introduced on through the unseen divine, Widow, who’s bent on recreating the field of Amniven. This twist in fate’s design leads the starry-eyed lady towards the doorstep from the Prince of Tzapodia and Speaker of Oscerin, Ares Lavrenthea. As new faces arrive, several unlikely buddies traverses the Became a member of Hands to correct the bonds from the Six, protecting each other because they dismantle Widow’s Brood. However, their journey requires a dark turn once they discover the starry-eyed lady is Widow’s immediate target. May be the starry-eyed lady more linked to this faceless divine than she seems? Just the Moon will inform.

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