Panzer I & II Visual Guide Book Review | AMMO Visual Modeller’s Guide

October 21, 2020

In “Panzer I & II Visual Guide Book Review” we will review this new book published by Mig Jiménez’s AMMO. The Panzer I & II Visual Modeller’s Guide is a full color, 74-page book with not only a lot of historical and technical information on these two German tanks, but most importantly, almost two hundred pictures of real tanks taken at 4 different European tank museums.

Whether you are a wargamer, a military history fan, or a scale modeller, if you are interested in the origins of the German Panzer, and you would like to have a lot of real world, color visual references, this video is for you!


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AMMO was kind enough to send me this product as a free sample, but this is NOT a paid promotion. All opinions are my own, and this review is based solely on my personal experience with the product.

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