Parat (परत) Love Jihad and Nationalism, Discussion with Author | Book Review Discussion ~ Extract

April 29, 2020

‘परत’ हमारे युग का वह सत्य है जिसे जान कर भी कोई जानना नहीं चाहता। लेकिन सत्य यह भी है कि हमने इस सत्य को यूँ ही नकार दिया तो भविष्य हमारा काॅलर पकड़ कर पूछेगा कि तब तुम चुप क्यों रहे…

Parat is a very popular novel based on love jihad and nationalishm, written by Sarvesh Tiwari Shrimukh.

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Extract, The untold version of story is a online talkshow initiated by Kalika Prasad, curated and produced by Kayass, Where we dicuss with the author about the punch lines, quotes of books and the question behind those lines. What was the thought process, What was the expeience etc? You will be suprised to hear amazing fact and stories which was not mentioned in the books comes here.

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