Sandra L Kurtzig with Tom Parker | CEO | Book Review by Lisa Woodruff

March 30, 2020

Sandra L Kurtzig with Tom Parker | CEO | Book Review by Lisa Woodruff

On the last Monday of every month, my book review will highlight a female founder or business owner. Most of these women started a company from their homes with less than $10,000.

CEO: Building a $400 Million Company from the Ground Up by Sandra Kurtzig is the next book in our female founder series. I devoured this book in a single weekend and loved this story. Although the author had an IT company, I found there were so many things I could learn and use in my own business. The author openly shares her challenges growing and leading a team and in navigating her personal life. I learned a lot about the interplay between the vital resources of talent, connections, and cash. There are lessons in this book for a leader of any size business.


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