Shadow of the Conqueror – Book Review!

July 31, 2019

Shad in the Shadiversity YouTube funnel has released a magazine he has spent 12 years focusing on. And Lightweight! Could it be a great read. Here’s my review, of the amazing thing of beauty. Plus a couple of of my very own little fan fiction ideas about in which the story might move from here. You shouldn’t be a blackened shade! There are see clearly, download the disposable sample on Kindle, and look it over, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Shadow from the Conqueror:

https://world wide .

Who easier to fight the darkness around the globe compared to one accountable for the majority of it?

Daylen, once referred to as Great Bastard, the Scourge of Nations, Dayless the Conqueror, has resided in hiding since his presumed dying. Burdened by age and tremendous guilt, he thinks his existence is due an finish. Unknowingly to him he’s going to attempt an outing towards redemption where his callous abilities might save the planet. Many battles await with buddies to make along with a past full of numerous crimes to confront, even while attempting to keep his true identity a secret.

Indeed, it may be an excessive amount of otherwise for that fabled power waiting for him.

Everfall is an enormous amount of perpetual day in which the continents float within an endless sky. If a person jumps in the continent they’ll be seduced by many hrs before coming back to the same location that they fell. Skyships rule the environment operated by shining sunstone and industrial darkstone. Popular order of knights bears mystical forces that they use to search the dreaded Shade, monsters that anyone else become if held in darkness for the size of an autumn.

It’s a realm of enchanted swords, cruel monsters, mystical knights and difficult magic, full of tales of question and adventure.

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