*SPOILER ALERT* – Review of Lady C’s Book: Meghan & Harry The Real Story – PT 1

June 27, 2020

*my personal opinion of this book*

THIS is my review of Lady Colin Campbell’s latest book Meghan and Harry The REAL STORY.

I love Lady C’s work and this is full of information, mostly stuff we already know but Lady C puts it in a way that only SHE can, which makes it totally interesting.

I do think that Lady C took it very carefully, she was tiptoeing around this bizarre baby bump ordeal which we’ll talk about next!

So far from the book I am taking away this: Harry is a complete Submissive, Mesmerized by what meghan can do in the bedroom- she did what she had to do in order to land her a prince! Harry feels that he married her out of LOVE yet meghan doesn’t feel as much the love part towards Harry as she does the STATUS that comes along with being Harry’s wife!
she’s beyond rude , nobody has ever tried telling her NO!- She feels everyone is beneath her and it’s her WORLD ,we just take up space in it!
She is so deranged that she constructs fantasies and BELIEVES them!!!
(I have researched the mind of a serial killer for 25 years, at least! I used to dream of being an attorney as a child and became slightly obsessed with the bad guy and his way of thinking! saying that to say this: Would it shock me if a breaking news report flashed across my screen sharing with the world that meghan snuffed out Harry? NOT AT ALL! she has the exact ways of thinking as any habitual felon or serial killer I have ever spent time reading up on! SCARY)

I will also say this: There is some MIGHTY secretive stuff that the BRF does not want out: by Harry backing his grandparents into a corner using “you’ll be looked upon as RACIST”, when it came to getting his over the top multiple of millions of dollars pissed to the wind on a few hours spent with strangers, then he is controlling them TODAY! They STILL fund Harry’s life which means they fund Meghan’s life also- WHY?! is it because he has power over them? or is it MEGHAN controlling the situation by controlling Harry?!


For this to go on as it is just lessons my already next to no respect for the family!


This is part ONE, my next video will have the rest of the book review!


Let’s keep this world in our prayers, it seems the mess gets thicker by the day!

Stay safe and be blessed 🙏❣️ Ash

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