STORY GENIUS: Writing Craft Book Review

July 15, 2020

Welcome to another Writing Craft Book Review. In this review, I discuss Story Genius by Lisa Cron. I discuss the positive aspects, the negatives, and whether or not I would recommend this writing craft book to writers. I review a lot of writing craft books in my channel in the hopes of learning how to be a better writer. So if you want more writing tips on how to write a novel or how to be a better writer, or if you’re just wondering if a writing craft book is worth buying, check out my entire writing craft book review playlist:

Are you convinced that you NEED to get Story Genius? Good! Here’s a link where you can find it:
* (US Amazon)
* (Canada Amazon)

Curious about Lisa Cron’s other book, Wired for Story? Check out these videos:
–My Review of Wired for Story:
–Let’s Talk Craft Book Club Wired for Story Discussion:

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My name is Laura and I am an aspiring author. I am pursuing traditional publishing if I can ever finish a dang book! On my AuthorTube channel I do live write-ins every other week with my brother Kevin where we do more chatting than writing but I love hanging with all the good friends I’ve made here in the writing community. As for videos, I rarely give writing advice. Instead, I’m interested in sharing my journey and occasionally (okay maybe more than occasionally) commiserating!

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