Superforcasting: How to Predict the Future – Philip Tetlock – Animated Book Review

September 5, 2019

In “Superforecasting: The Science and art of Conjecture”, Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner educate you the way to calculate the long run carrying out a couple of simple rules. Make sure to be as specific as you possibly can and also to always accept new information to prevent falling in to the anchoring pitfall. Great superforecasters and predictors possess a growth mindset and persevere through pure grit. Finding out how to effectively predict the long run comes with the retrieval of knowledge and self intuition that’s acquired through experience inside a particular field. I truly enjoyed studying this book and acquired a substantial amount of insight after finishing “Superforecasting”. Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner are wonderful authors having a close link with Daniel Kahneman, the truly amazing author of “Thinking, Fast and Slow” which talks about cognitive functions and incorporate a number of of his ideas within this book.

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