The 80/20 Principle and Parkinson’s Law – Richard Koch – ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW examples
Video / April 27, 2020

In the “80/20 Principle: The secret to achieving More with Less” written by Richard Koch is a great book that analyzes the Pareto principle. Basically, it states that the majority of the effects are caused by the minority of the causes. Parkinson’s law is also very important in learning how to become productive and eliminating your excess time. Learn how to turn distress into eustress by executing things as fast as possible. This animated book review does a really quick glance at summarizing the 80 20 rule and Parkinson’s law, and I hope you can apply it to your life. Animated Book Review Playlist: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Check out MY Passive Income Ebook:

10 Best Ideas | MINDSET | Carol Dweck | Book Summary
Video / February 18, 2020

► FREE GUIDE: Discover The 30 Books to Read Before 30 | ► Claim Your Free YouTube Passive Income Course: ► Join The Refusing to Settle Mastermind ► Free 11 Questions to Change Your Life How do you learn new things without judging yourself, get on your own team, go from mediocrity to excellence? One simple shift can make all the difference – discovering it in this week’s book review “MINDSET. The Psychology of Success” Mindset is an awesome book by Carol Dweck. This book summary and book review of “Mindset” will go over the BEST 10 IDEAS from Carol Dweck’s book. You might also consider getting the full book or audiobook for this – it’s great. GET THE BOOK: MASTER JOURNALING: ___ // BEST COURSES ▸ Courses That Crush | ▸ Video Breakthrough Academy | ▸ Backstage Studio | ▸ My Best Journal 2.0 | ▸ 30-Day Coaching | ___ // R E S O U R C E S ▸ Ultimate Online Business Resource Guide | ▸ ULTIMATE YouTube Gear Guide | ▸ FREE Audiobook with Audible | (affiliate) ▸ Join the Refusing to…

Contagious: Why Do Things Go Viral? – Jonah Berger – Animated Book Review
Video / February 15, 2020

In “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger, you will understand why images and new content goes viral quickly on the internet and social media. There are 6 steps that Jonah found in most of the content that has went viral in the past and he uses it as a guideline to producing more viral content. Contagious is a great book that I recommend every media marketer to read, since it has profound evidence and studies showing that the methods Jonah is using actually works. The first is social currency, which is the binary option of whether or not it makes the person sharing the post look cool and smart. The second is triggers, which reminds the customer of the product. Is it a day of the week, a time of the year, or even a meal, such as breakfast? The fifth is practical value, that is, is must be usable in every day life for best results. Putting all 6 “STEPPS” to work can create viral content effectively. Animated Book Review Playlist: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Check out MY Passive Income Ebook:

How to Control Your Brain in Tamil || Emotional Intelligence Book Review | Daniel Goleman | Siragus
Video / February 11, 2020

In this video we are going to know about book summary of Emotional Intelligence in Tamil. Emotional Intelligence, written by Daniel Goleman will put you on the path to better understanding how EQ works and what you can do to cultivate it. After this video you can develop your personal and professional success. Buy Emotional Intelligence Book From Here : #motivation #emotions #emotionalintelligence #howtocontrol #brain #success #mind #managingrelative #friendsmanagement #problemsolving #motivation #selfmotivation #awarness ***************************************** Visit our facebook page: ***************************************** Follow our Instagram Page: ***************************************** Follow us on twitter: ***************************************** Follow on LinkedIn Page: ***************************************** Must visit out webpage to get more information about us… ________________________________________________________

The Four Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss – ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW
Video / January 21, 2020

Animated Book Review Playlist: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich is written by Tim Ferriss and is boasting with great knowledge on how to free your life of inescapable work. Learn how to get out of your job and start doing meaningful work. I learned four main principles from this book and the most useful one is the Low Information Diet. Simply by cutting out some of the useless information I’m around has helped me to become a greatly more effective person. Also, I’ve taken back some of my time by hiring virtual assistance to do some tasks that I have no want to perform. Stuff like typing up the transcription of this video for example. I hope you learned something from this video and it helped you. Subscribe for more! Check out MY Passive Income Ebook:

The $100 Startup – Chris Guillebeau – Animated Book Review
Video / January 18, 2020

Use my FREE 27 Confidence-Boosting Hacks: Want my TOP 10 book list?: Get a girl to like you using psychology (52% off!): Get the book! The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way you Make a Living, Do what you Love, and Create a New Future, written by Chris Guillebeau is an amazing book that specialized in case studies of entrepreneurs who started small and made it big. Learn how to start a small business quick with little to no capital. Just remember to always follow your passion and stay persistent. You can also test your audience by creating a fake page and sending traffic to it to measure the click-through ratio of a customer. In The $100 Startup, you will learn all about startups that involved a person following their passion in non conventional ways. Animated Book Review Playlist: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Check out MY Passive Income Ebook:

Video / January 18, 2020

1-Page PDF Summary: Book Link: Video animation of the big ideas I gathered from Adam Grant’s book ‘Originals’. For more videos please subscribe and follow me on twitter: @nlozeron A Lozeron Academy Inc. production.

LEADERSHIP – 21 Laws of John C Maxwell Animated book review
Video / January 15, 2020

This is a animated book review of 21 irrefutable laws of leadership by John C. Maxwell. It is a book about leadership and what you as a leader should think about. Buy the book here: Check out the rest of my channel! Main camera: Main wide lens: Great versatile lens: Main tripod: Microphone: Microphone for voiceovers: Secondary camera: Second tripod: My telephoto lens: My drone: My GoPro: 360 Camera: Small camera:

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham – Animated Book Review
Video / December 18, 2019

Learn more: “The Intelligent Investor” was written by Benjamin Graham and teaches about the fundamentals of value investing. Ben does such a great job in this book, that Warren Buffett claims it is “the best book ever written on investing”. Remember that Warren Buffett was a student of Benjamin, and that this book has amazing insight that can still be used today when investing in the stock market, our health, knowledge, and even friends. In this short animated review of The Intelligent Investor, I cover some main topics such as value investing, the role of inflation, and the difference between investing and speculating. Animated Book Review Playlist: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Check out MY Passive Income Ebook:

The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy – Animated Book Review / Summary
Video / December 1, 2019

The Compound Effect by Darren Sturdy (review / summary) The Compound Effect is a superb book to educate the true formula for achievement. Here’s an animated the review and review of The Compound Effect. Remember, there aren’t any shortcuts or magic mills. You have to place in work, some time and consistency. Compound Effect ► ▼ Like my funnel? ➜ ▼ Desire a FREE EBOOK? – 7 Steps to Endless Motivation ➜ ▼ Webpage: ▼ Need to make white board animations such as this? It is easy ➜ Video Scribe: ➜ Easy Sketch Pro ▼ ** Let us CONNECT! ** ➜ snapchat: ➜ facebook: https://world wide ➜ twitter: ➜ pinterest: https://world wide ➜ instagram: ➜ blab: ▼ ** Aaron Tupaz’s personal account ** https://world wide ** Music and Seem Credits ** Urban Loop4 98 – http://world wide Song – Ukulele – Pictures: Created by Freepik

THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy Animated Book Review
Video / December 1, 2019

Animated The Review Playlist: Insta: https://world wide Twitter: Facebook: https://world wide Within this video, I cover ideas and ideas in the book “The Compound Effect” by Darren Sturdy. This book is an extremely quick and easy read but has some amazing ideas that everybody can use within their existence. I attempt to pay for because the truly amazing information within this video summary will be able to and keep it creative and fun to look at. Business proprietors and entrepreneurs may benefit out of this video greatly. Take a look at MY Passive Earnings Ebook:

Elliott Hulse -King= Introduction ||Animated Book Review||
Video / November 26, 2019

Subscribe Here: I’d the astonishing chance to see the summary of Elliott Hulse’s book, King. This is actually the animated the review. Elliott is a huge inspiration in my growth because the person I’m today. I sincerely thank him for those he has been doing. Many thanks for watching this! Subscribe Here: https://world wide Facebook Here: https://world wide… A lot of Elliott and the book: https://world wide Connect to KING:

The 4 Hour Body – Tim Ferriss – Animated Book Review
Video / November 16, 2019

Use my FREE 27 Confidence-Boosting Hacks: Want my Top Ten book list?: Obtain a girl to love you using psychology (52% off!): Find out more! Within The 4-Hour Body: An Infrequent Help guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and achieving Superhuman, Tim Ferriss adopts extreme details explaining the existence hacks he’s found to create his body the very best additionally, it can be. From slimming down rapidly to adding 34 pounds of mass in 4 weeks, he shares his secrets along with you within this 600 page encyclopedia. Readers ought to know this isn’t a magazine you read from cover to pay for, rather you choose a component you believe is interesting or wish to read, and browse it. Within 4 hrs per week, you are able to sculpt the body while using methods Timothy Ferriss explains. He mentions slow carb diets, perfecting your sleep patterns as well as how you can provide a 15 minute orgasm. The guidelines within this book is going to be way worth the need for that which you pay it off. I recommend adding this book for your personal library. The primary topics include: subtracting fat, adding muscle, running faster…

Managing Oneself – Peter F. Drucker – ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW
Video / November 15, 2019

In the following paragraphs from the Harvard Business Review print, “Managing Yourself” by Peter Drucker, become familiar with all sorts of good sense information that may be applied daily. I truly enjoyed the idea of only enhancing your strengths. Also, the thought of feedback analysis is essential if utilized in an operating manner. Learn to judge yourself and be more insightful from this. I think you’ll enjoyed reading this animated the review from the review of Managing Yourself. Animated The Review Playlist: Insta: https://world wide Twitter: Facebook: https://world wide Take a look at MY Passive Earnings Ebook:

Learned Optimism Positive Psychology – Martin Seligman – Animated Book Review
Video / October 31, 2019

Use my FREE 27 Confidence-Boosting Hacks: Want my Top Ten book list?: Obtain a girl to love you using psychology (52% off!): Martin Seligman explains pessimistic explanatory styles and learned helplessness in the book “Learned Optimism”. I discovered this book to be really intriguing and an incredible read which was worth time, and that i recommend it to anybody wanting to discover depression. He gives some good tips about how to promote positive thinking and great types of good reasons to stay positive. Test out your optimism rating if you take the disposable scale within the book. Animated The Review Playlist: Insta: https://world wide Twitter: Facebook: https://world wide To go in the giveaway: Leave a remark associated with a book title you would like me to examine below. In 24 hrs after upload, I’ll pick someone. I’ll Message you requesting a previous address to ship it. (If at all possible, I would like an unboxing from the book for any future giveaway video and proof) Thank you for watching! 🙂 Take a look at MY Passive Earnings Ebook: