Blinkist Review: Read books in 15-minutes 📚
Video / December 13, 2019

Download Blinkist here: Blinkist is a time-saving tool for avid book readers. Read books in 15-minutes by using condensed synopsises and audio called Blinks. Finishing a book in 15-minutes on Blinkist combines take away notes, key points and important learnings – perfect for on-the-go time-conscious readers. Blinkist is an exciting new way to consume new content. These are all-non-fiction books. Download Blinkist today for free: This is a Monday’s feature segment to the channel – enjoy! Aha! Drop me an email if you need help: – I’ll reply in 48 hours. — The world of productivity apps, reviewed! Weekly videos all about personal productivity apps and resources. Everything from Evernote to Todoist to Wunderlist. These productivity apps are a great way to organize your daily activities from calendar events to task management. My name is Francesco. I’m a 4th year Business Studies student as well as a passionate technology fan. I get involved with a lot of start-ups and businesses. I currently work for FlashSticks as a marketer. TECHNOLOGY USED: – Filming – Android LG G4 Smartphone – Microphone – Amazon basics microphone – Editing – iMovie 10 on MacBook Air – Screenshare – Quicktime with iPhone…

The Terran Privateer Audio Book Review
Video / October 7, 2019

Support on Patron: https://world wide Steam Group: Discord Server: Like on Facebook: https://world wide General Lotz looks at the excellent Sci Fi audiobook The Terran Privateer!

The Way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin Book Review
Video / September 21, 2019

The best way to wealth by Benjamin Franklin Every occasionally I’ve found a jewel of the book, which is one. And it is short and sweet. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ For this reason within this video I am likely to perform a full review about this 19m book, i possess a surprise for everyone so hang in there up until the finish. Oh in most cases I’d say have an audible membership link lower below, and obtain two free books, however this book is just 2$ and so i would certainly purchase the book after which make use of the two free credit for various other costly important books. The main reason I just read a lot of books is the fact that Irrrve never had accessibility mentors I needed. And So I would locate them in magazines. And also the studying book is much like building accurate documentation oinformation which you can use if you encounter a fproblem ( Additionally they don’t cost 1000s of dollars like courses The best way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin the review Lol: This book was, or almanac was written when benjamin when you should ah and it was ask assistance with wealth, and…

Shadow of the Conqueror – Book Review!
Video / July 31, 2019

Shad in the Shadiversity YouTube funnel has released a magazine he has spent 12 years focusing on. And Lightweight! Could it be a great read. Here’s my review, of the amazing thing of beauty. Plus a couple of of my very own little fan fiction ideas about in which the story might move from here. You shouldn’t be a blackened shade! There are see clearly, download the disposable sample on Kindle, and look it over, I promise you will not be disappointed. Shadow from the Conqueror: https://world wide . Who easier to fight the darkness around the globe compared to one accountable for the majority of it? Daylen, once referred to as Great Bastard, the Scourge of Nations, Dayless the Conqueror, has resided in hiding since his presumed dying. Burdened by age and tremendous guilt, he thinks his existence is due an finish. Unknowingly to him he’s going to attempt an outing towards redemption where his callous abilities might save the planet. Many battles await with buddies to make along with a past full of numerous crimes to confront, even while attempting to keep his true identity a secret. Indeed, it may be an excessive amount of otherwise…