Book Review: Alfred Döblin – Berlin Alexanderplatz
Video / September 2, 2019

“Berlin Alexanderplatz” by Alfred Döblin portrays Berlin within the Roaring Twenties: a town of crooks, pimps and prostitutes. A attractive novel — just like a film, just like a song. It is the first German urban novel. Along with a story assertive who’s constantly landing flat on his face — until, eventually, he finally will get it. Watch our the review video! Exactly what do you consider “Berlin Alexanderplatz” by Alfred Döblin? Write it within the comments… #BerlinAlexanderplatz #AlfredDöblin #BookReview

The Dead – Christian Kracht BOOK REVIEW
Video / July 13, 2019

BUY HERE: Coffee Lottery: https://world wide Leather Jackets Here: L.Overview of Books Review: Sexual Abuse and Critical Abuse: On Christian Kracht’s “The Dead”